Are we happier than our forefathers?

This is a very subjectional question. It would be different for everyone. It is very difficult to come to a conclusion. Your first instinct would be that they were happier as they lived happily and healthier . both mentally and physically. But rather than that there are many topics which are over looked . I think that they are always two side of the story one which is praised and one which is over looked , the society tends to show the good side(according to them) rather than focusing on the realistic truth. the point here is we need to see ourself which path or idea suits are mentality and believes.

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People will be like there is no other side of this , we have to agree that they lived better and healthier. Hear me…….

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Praised side/ in the mentality

They were healthier , they ate-drank-breathed fresh . their body were much stronger then us. Mental health, very very important point . their life were simple and monotonous , but they were truly happy with their family . no worries for studies or stress for premotion. They never had the need for questioning their existence . I wouldn’t say they were happier in every aspect though. but health is a thing which can’t be compromised , they surely won this one, you might think. I say no…………

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So tell me what was one of the treat to their lives , diseases were very the reason why the population was low. Once if someone was infected by some severe diseases , there was no cure for them. Today we have the best of best health care and facilities . we can cure cancer . today only 2 in 10 people die because of cancer. But the adverse effect is that everyday new diseases are arising . but still we are ready for it. Death ratios are continuously decreasing because of the strengthening medi care. I feel not much people look at this side.

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2. Military and armed forced.

Talking about our forefathers the past must have been the war eras for sure .Forefathers means your fathers grandpa that time wasn’t the world under European dominance , there were wars shooting right and left, this same went for maybe for your grandpa. They lived in fear of getting shot all the time. As an Indian we were under not only British rule but the whole of Europe , used and tortured like animals. Taking this into account , look at us today . standing in a more developed and (physically) peaceful nature . we as countries are at solace and mutually blooming together.

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3. Economy and Trade.

The above point leads to this one. Yeah sure military and trade are related, you must say. Well accordingly yes. Economy and world peace go hand in hand . we all know that all countries are interdependent . you name it, trade-resources-culture-economy-weapons etc. in shot everything. If we had to imagine that we in a war with China, all the business will stop from either side which will lead a major part of trade loss which again will make the stocks fall which will make certain things that are cheaper but were made in China will become certainly expensive which againnn will lead to the raise in cost for other things too. See that’s why this absolutely clear who won this point.

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4. Politics .

This is like a web one ,thing leads to another. So tell me what is politics. To me it is some people who fell that they are entitled , trying to be in business from making stupid drama about things that never really happened or making useless comments on some very important or better changes in the society . I don’t mean that there aren’t any good or actually working for the welfare of people in that industry but the percentage of that people is very less. Not me but a analysis says so. So back in the day ( in India) nothing really changed till 1990s in the politics , same as the prince follows the king to the throne, same things were happening . people were too busy and tanged with their own life that they did not have any time for these politics . but I would like to mention that they were the people who really cared for the up bringing of the countries and not filling their pockets. Still there are people like them , but few. Those days people weren’t able to communicate with the government though, they really did not have any better to chose from. And now here we are standing in the 21st century . if we fell that the government has done something inappropriate we can stand up and we are standing up.

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5. Mentality .

See I wouldn’t say that we have totally changed on this topic. Mentality is still a very bothering aspect . but have we changed for better? Yes and no. there were many unwanted restrictions from fundamental rights and practices of maltreatment of woman. There we surely have improved . but still you can’t say that molestation of woman has stopped, not to mention it has even gotten worse . it has changed from your house not the society . many things as jugging individuals has also increased. Not letting people marry just because of different race, class, standard, religion has surely improved but hasn’t completely vanished .

In all ,The world just hasn’t been perfect for any generation and won’t be for any .They very happier in some very important aspect in life .we sure are luckier but they were happier. Well according to me the question “asks are we happier” happier absolutely not .

Logging off,

Mahi mehta.



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